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January 1, Election denialists suffer quick defeat in Idaho



Purporters of the unfounded claim that President Biden fraudulently won the 2020 election suffered a quick defeat in Idaho. The state’s top election officials said they conducted a hand recount of last year’s presidential election in two counties after hearing from readers of a website linked to MyPillow head honcho, Mike Lindell.

According to Secretary of State Lawrence Denney’s (R) office, they received screenshots from Lindell’s site alleging vote tallies in every Idaho county showed evidence of “electronic manipulation.”

However, at least seven of the 44 counties (all small rural areas) do not use any electronic steps in their vote-tallying process — a detail that renders the claims impossible.

Chief Deputy Secretary of State Chad Houck confirmed Denney’s office was prepared to confront misinformation in hopes of offering objective evidence that could prove or disprove the allegations as county clerks report receiving threats.

“On step one, you go, this is just implausible,” Houck said. “But nonetheless, we said if we were presented with information we would go run that information to ground.”

Houck lamented that misinformation continues to circulate, even in states where the results were never really questionable.

“Somewhere along the line people need to draw a line in the sand and say this is irrational,” he said. “It doesn’t justify the expense of wholesale going out and looking for what you think may possibly be a needle in what you think may possibly be a haystack.”


Election denialists smacked down by Idaho secretary of state

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