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January 1, “Baghdad Bob Burnett”: CNN Anchor Ridiculed For Soft-Pedaling Hamas Hostage Situation



CNN’s Erin Burnett is facing a barrage of criticism after her lenient coverage of Hamas terrorists who have around 200 hostages in their grasp in Gaza.

This follows the terrorist group’s atrocious attack on Israeli civilians, which resulted in the loss of over 1,300 innocent lives on October 7.

During her segment, Burnett’s description seemingly painted a rosier picture of the hostage conditions. She elaborated on the environment of the Hamas tunnels, believed to be the hostages’ confinement location, emphasizing amenities like ventilation and air conditioning.

“We know these tunnels have ventilation. We know that they’ve been known to have air conditioning, this has all been reporting that we’ve heard from the Israelis over the years,” she relayed.

Burnett’s narrative leaned on a claim from a released hostage, emphasizing how Hamas provided necessities like food and medicine.

“There was shampoo. There was antibiotics. There was a guard per hostage in the experience she had,” Burnett highlighted.

However, Burnett also drew attention to the glaring “contrast” of the situation “above the ground” in Gaza.

She pointed out the dire circumstances the civilian population faced, lacking basic necessities like food and water, and the constraints placed upon hospitals in their caregiving – a result of Hamas monopolizing these resources.

But Burnett’s seemingly empathetic take didn’t sit well with many. Critics lambasted her for what they perceived as an endorsement, suggesting Hamas treated their hostages better than their own populace.

The criticisms were pointed.

Erielle Davidson remarked, “You misgender someone and you’re blacklisted. Rape a Jewish woman and behead her baby, and CNN will discuss how you provided her with AC.”

“Why, they even got rewards points for their stay,” another critic cynically noted.

Amy Alkon, chiding Burnett, said, “Paid for with billions of stolen aid dollars meant to better the lot of Palestinian families!!! CNN’s Burnett: ‘We know these tunnels have ventilation. We know that they’ve been known to have air conditioning.’ Is having a head filled with shredded cabbage a prerequisite for being hired as an anchor at CNN ?!!”

One commentator sarcastically observed, “‘Those lucky hostages were kept in an underground Ritz Carlton’ is quite the take.”

In a comparison highlighting the perceived bias, another quipped, “Straight up Baghdad Bob Burnett over here.”

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  1. Pat MItchell

    October 27, 2023 at 7:41 pm

    Kind of reminds me of Dana Perino when she hosted the debate and asked “who would you vote off island” how dumb and insensitive.
    she’s not as smart as everyone thinks she is. Is she hosting the next debate? Erin has been known to show her “smarts”n the past. I think Drin and Dana are about equal in their delivery.

  2. Diane Leemans Kelley

    October 27, 2023 at 9:02 pm

    The two women who were released and described these conditions still have their husbands held hostage. Hamas wouldn’t hesitate to threaten the two released women with torturing their husbands if they didn’t soft pedal the conditions.

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