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January 1, Bud Light’s Super Bowl Ad: Genie, Laughs, and True Americans (Video)



Bud Light seems to have finally understood the key to success: stay funny, stay American, and stay profitable. After nearly a year of declining sales, largely due to the Dylan Mulvaney fiasco, it appears that the conservative message has reached the beer giant, as evidenced by their Super Bowl LVIII commercial.

The 60-second advertisement, titled “Easy Night Out,” harkens back to the old days of Bud Light, before the Mulvaney drama. It embraces the comedic element while introducing a “new character in the Bud Light universe” – a “genie” who drinks Bud Light and grants wishes to fellow Bud Light drinkers.

Additionally, the ad features appearances from top-brand figures Peyton Manning and Dana White. Despite the tumultuous past year, the commercial is admittedly quite entertaining.

The Bud Light Genie is here in our Super Bowl LVIII commercial to make it happen, granting wishes such as being filthy rich, having one REALLY big bicep, and enjoying an epic night out with Peyton Manning, @postmalone & @danawhite.

It seems that conservatives can finally put this feud to rest. Not only have we emerged victorious, but we have also dominated. Bud Light has evidently received the message, returning to simple laughter and associating with true Americans like Peyton Manning and Dana White. Ultimately, that’s all we ever wanted from our beer – a taste of America.

So, welcome back, Bud Light, to the good side.

Why It Matters (op-ed)

Bud Light’s recent Super Bowl LVIII ad is a clear victory for conservatives. After a year of declining sales due to the Dylan Mulvaney debacle, it seems our message has finally reached the beer giant.

This 60-second ad, titled “Easy Night Out,” proves that Bud Light has learned its lesson. By embracing humor and introducing a “genie” character who grants wishes to fellow drinkers, they’ve returned to their roots.

Featuring true American icons like Peyton Manning and Dana White, this commercial is a welcome change. It shows that conservatives can influence even the biggest brands to stay true to their values.

In the end, we just want our beer to represent America. Welcome back, Bud Light.

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