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January 1, Titanic’s Iconic Kiss: Kate Winslet Reveals Surprising Behind-the-Scenes Challenges



Kate Winslet, known for her role as Rose in the iconic film “Titanic,” recently opened up about the famous kissing scene with Leonardo DiCaprio. Though it appeared romantic on screen, Winslet admitted, “It was not all it’s cracked up to be.”

The Academy Award-winning actress described shooting the scene as “a mess,” due to several factors. Her dress was so tight it hindered her breathing, she repeatedly banged her leg on the railing, and the crew was so far away that they couldn’t assist with hair and makeup.

In fact, Winslet and DiCaprio had to climb a ladder to access the set, hiding makeup and brushes in their jackets and touching up each other’s makeup between takes. Winslet recalled, “I would end up looking as though I’d been sucking a caramel chocolate bar after each take because his makeup would come off on me.”

On top of the logistical issues, director James Cameron had a specific vision for the scene, and they had to reshoot it multiple times due to changing sunsets. Winslet explained, “This was a nightmare. Leo couldn’t stop laughing, and we had to reshoot this about four times.”

Despite the challenges, Winslet looks back on the experience of filming “Titanic” positively. She said, “I do feel very proud of it, because I feel that it is that film that just keeps giving.”

However, Winslet admitted to being frustrated when people request her to reenact the famous scene whenever she’s on a boat, stating, “It does my head in.”

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1 Comment

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    This is a matter of national significance?

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