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January 1, Hollywood Pair’s Split Rumors Intensify After Premiere No-Show



Ben Affleck was notably absent from Jennifer Lopez’s “Atlas” movie premiere in Los Angeles on Monday night, amidst ongoing split rumors. Lopez was seen on the red carpet wearing her wedding band solo, looking stunning in a white tube top and floor-length black skirt.

It’s been 47 days since the couple was last seen together, including at the Met Gala earlier this month. However, on May 16, they attended an event together in support of their children. The couple arrived separately but were both wearing their wedding rings.

On Sunday, the A-list couple was spotted together in a car, smiling brightly as they drove around Los Angeles. Celebrity matchmaker Alessandra Conti said that although the split rumors are just rumors, “the past is usually the best predictor of the future when it comes to relationships.”

Conti explained that the “honeymoon phase” that many couples experience tends to fade around the two-year mark in the relationship. She added, “It is clear that they are both putting in effort to make the relationship work.”

Before Monday night’s premiere, a source said that Affleck had “come to his senses” about his marriage to Lopez. The source continued, “He feels like the last two years was just a fever dream, and he’s come to his senses now and understands there is just no way this is going to work.”

A source close to Ben mentioned that their inner circles have been tight-lipped about his personal life, but something seems to be up. Another source added that the couple has been trying to collaborate on projects, including Lopez’s upcoming tour and new music.

However, sources have also spoken about the strain in their marriage, which includes differing approaches to media attention. An insider in the film industry said that while Affleck admires Lopez’s success and work ethic, “always sharing her life is not his way.”

Reps for Affleck and Lopez have not responded to requests for comment.

Despite the rumors, Lopez was seen wearing her wedding ring as she arrived at a dance studio in L.A. recently. The couple has had their share of relationship woes throughout the years, including calling off their engagement in 2003 before reconnecting and marrying in July 2022.

In a recent documentary, Affleck spoke about learning to compromise, saying they’re “just two people with kind of different approaches trying to learn to compromise.”

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