October 15, 2021

Bill Clinton hospitalized

Former President Clinton was hospitalized this week due to sepsis, sources confirm.

One person familiar with the matter said that Clinton, 75, is doing well and is in the ICU for privacy reasons.

Clinton’s spokesperson Angel Ureña said Clinton is “on the mend” and “in good spirits” at the University of California Irvine Medical Center.

Ureña also shared a statement from Clinton’s doctors, Alpesh Amin and Lisa Bardack.

“President Clinton was taken to UC Irvine Medical Center and diagnosed with an infection. He was admitted to the hospital for close monitoring and administered IV antibiotics and fluids. He remains at the hospital for continuous monitoring,” the physicians said.

“After two days of treatment, his white blood cell count is trending down and he is responding to antibiotics well,” they said. “The California-based medical team has been in constant communication with the President’s New York-based medical team, including his cardiologist. We hope to have him go home soon.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 270,000 people in the US die from sepsis every year.


Bill Clinton hospitalized with sepsis

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  1. Kenneth Bottomley says:

    He belongs in a prison cell being well watched as should be his wife after all the deaths they have caused.

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