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January 1, Liz Cheney Says Trump Is Not The Republican Party Leader



Hello there, Americans!

After voting to impeach Donald Trump in January, top Republican Liz Cheney told reporters Monday that the former president is not the party’s leader. The congresswoman believes Senator Mitch McConnell and Rep. Kevin McCarthy are the heads of the GOP. A lot of Republicans will surely disagree with you, Rep. Cheney.

Russia has just completed a missile test of a new interceptor rocket that, according to President Vladimir Putin, can “destroy US space missiles”. Is that a threat? A Russian general said the new rocket can travel at a speed of over 3km/ second. That’s quite impressive.

California used to be in the middle of the coronavirus storm. But now, it has the lowest case rate in the continental U.S. Michigan, on the other hand, has the highest case rate in the country for the last seven days.

Genetically-enhanced mosquitoes, which were designed to eliminate a disease carrying mosquito, are set to be released this week in the Florida keys. However, residents are not too thrilled about it, calling on the attention of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to stop the trial. Floridians say they are being subjected to terrorism by the government agency.

Tesla is making good music with Bitcoin. Turns out, the electric car company didn’t exactly earn its record profit from manufacturing cars, but by selling some of the $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin that it bought in February. And that’s how the rich becomes richer, guys.

Glenn Close may not have won the Best Supporting Actress Award at the recent Oscars, but she surely won the internet. It may have been scripted, but the 74-year-old actress’ “Da Butt” moment is phenomenal. She’s been nominated to the Academy for 8 times already and no wins. Come on guys, she deserves recognition.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. connie

    April 27, 2021 at 1:47 pm

    Liz Cheney, is doing a lot of wishful thinking. She is on the way out and probably will return to Delaware or Maryland which ever she came from and try to stir up things. Once she is out of office you will likely not hear too much from her again. Just like her father w worthless human being that should have never been in politics at all. JUST A BORN IGNORANT LOSER.

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